Consiglio Regionale del Piemonte

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Powers and functions

The Regional Council is the legislative assembly, elected by direct and universal vote. It represents Piedmont.
The Council is one of the Piedmont Regional bodies, along with the Giunta (the regional government) and the President of the Giunta.
The Council has legislative power, and the exercise of this power cannot be delegated. It also has the power of guiding and controlling the activity of the regional government.
The Council also performs any other function assigned to it by the Italian Constitution, the national laws, the regional Statute and the regional laws.

Other functions

The Regional Council performs duties relating to: programming, economic policies, taxes and accounting, appointments different from those allocated to the President of the regional government and to the regional government itself, referenda, institutional relations and the organisation of the regional personnel.
The Council elects three of its members as regional delegates, one of whom representing minorities, for the election of the President of the Republic.